Brenda’s Approach 

As your business coach, Brenda will build a relationship with you and become part of your team. She is committed to helping you achieve your business and personal goals, whether that be business growth, increased profit, better work life balance or a sportscar.

Brenda will provide an external perspective, her insight can help you make the changes that you need to stay competitive.

Brenda will focus on your success, and guide you with positivity.  She will use the ActionCOACH system to educate and empower you to make the changes necessary to reach your goals.

Brenda’s mission as a business growth specialist is to help you to:

  • Achieve your business and personal goals
  • Increase your turnover, margin and profits
  • Turn marketing into an investment rather than an expense
  • Recruit, motivate and retain a winning team of employees
  • Put systems in place that provide consistent results
  • Find more time for family, friends and other interests

Who is Brenda?

Highly Qualified

Brenda is a committed lifelong learner who has studied science and business, she has an investigative nature and a wealth of business acumen which she can apply to help your business. Brenda knows that there is no end to the knowledge available to us and actively supports her clients in their continued personal development.


A serial entrepreneur, Brenda has over 13 years of experience as a business owner. She has been there and knows exactly the highs and lows her clients are facing.

Relishes a Challenge

Brenda mantra is “if it’s challenging, it’s worth doing”. Brenda has assisted business owners to successfully implement change management, business improvement and teambuilding projects and to develop and implement strategic marketing and export plans.

Diverse Experience

Brenda has experience in a wide range of industries including hospitality, food and beverage, retail, wedding and events, agriculture, not-for-profit, academia and research, childcare services, subsea, oil and gas, manufacturing, technology, and diversity & inclusion.

Fun Loving

Life is a journey to be enjoyed and appreciated. Great people join and stay with businesses and managers where they enjoy the work. Brenda believes that successful businesses, and coaching partnerships, need a culture of fun and fulfilment