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We are on this journey together. I want to help you build the business you dream of, increase your profits and enable you to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

Using tried and tested strategies that have helped thousands of business owners around the world. We will develop you, your systems and your people. Just like a sports coach, I will push you to perform at your absolute best.

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Do you want…


A great business rather than a good business?
A business that works so you don’t have to?
Something of value to pass on to your children?
To become independently wealthy of your business?
A business that gives you the freedom to spend quality time with your loved ones?

If you have answered Yes to any of the above, then you need a world-class business coach to help you achieve each of these milestones with access to a proven business & wealth growth system.

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Why not book a free 90-min business health check meeting to see how you could gain?

I guarantee you will gain at least a couple of great strategies to grow your business.


I can also help you add value to your business and support your personal growth

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You can listen to my latest podcast here.


My regular podcast is packed full of tips, tactics and examples to help you build your online audience.

Scale Her Up

By Brenda Hector

Benefit from my coaching insights here

My ACTIONCoach cares so much

Jon Johnson – Reach Homes

My ActionCOACH makes me consider how I plan as well as making me actually do it. My ActionCOACH cares so much for us to be successful and that investment is always an extra incentive to try harder.

Don’t think about it- just do it!

Janine Davies – Archway

Going through the coaching programme at the moment and can’t recommend it enough. It’s for anyone who wants to get the most out of their business, focus on the important aspects, make more money while working smarter. Don’t think about it- just do it!

Equipping you with the necessary tools for success

Sarah Harley – Margaret Duffus Leasing

Coaching brings a lot of positivity to your thinking and takes a lot of stress out of business when you can trust the structure and wisdom that you are being taught
Working with an actioncoach really helps to have someone hold up the mirror for you to see your strengths and weaknesses. Having someone to guide you through your business and define areas for you to tackle takes a lot of stress out of planning and really helps you focus in quickly on what matters. It really does equip you with the necessary tools for success.

One step at a time

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Need help to increase the value of your company? Join my Value Builder Assessment programme to drive up your value

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Need help with meeting like-minded business owners to share best practice? Join ProfitCLUB where you will be coached to boost your profits

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Need help with your business plan? Join GrowthCLUB to have a clear picture of where your business will be in 90days

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Just need someone to help you clear your head? Book in now for your free coaching call

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